Daytex® Texturizing aprons


Daytex® Texturizing aprons were developed jointly with the texturizing industry from the first beginnings to the present stage of micro fibre production. The dynamic stability of Daytex® Texturizing aprons is the result of intensive development work.

Since the control of the filament tension is of vital importance for the texturizing process and for the resulting even dye uptake, aprons are expected to be able to maintain a constant quality within the maintenance cycle of the machine Daytex® Texturizing Aprons are guaranteed to run without vibration and exhibit excellent chemical resistance resulting in a long life cycle.

Texturizing aprons

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Example Application Fiber Product Outer layer Inner layer
Daytex 4347 General purpose Synthetics 4347 red grey
Daytex 203 Apron for high-speed machines (e.g. Barmag) Synthetics 203 grey light-grey
Daytex 775 Apron for high-speed machines (e.g. Murata) Synthetics 775 green light-grey

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