Daytex® Texturizing cots


Leading machinery makers have specified Daytex® Texturizing Cots exclusively for more than 30 years. The development of these cots has remained ahead of the demands of new filament manufacturing processes.

Daytex® Texturizing Cots are used today on all leading types of texturizing machine.
On all filament materials and under different climate conditions Daytex® Texurizing Cots run trouble free and without vibration. Daytex® Texturizing cots reach superior life cycles for all common fiber types.

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Texturizing cots

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Example Application Fiber Product Color Shore A Hardness
Daytex 121 Cot for high speed texturizing machines Synthetics 121 black 70
Daytex S 880 Cot for high speed texturizing machines Synthetics S 880 salmon 72


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